Why You Should Avoid Using Stock Photos?

4 major reasons to avoid using stock photos on you business website:

1. First impression matters

Even if your business website has a professional design, but with stock photos on all the pages and slideshows, your site will look like a purchased template. Your visitors may be wondering if the business is legitimate, especially if your company is brand new on the market.

The best solution is to either do the average quality photos using your mobile device or to hire a professional photographer to prepare images that will replace all the existing stock photos on the website.

Studies show that website visitors leave it faster if stock photos are present. For example, many of our clients say that the website’s bounce-back rate became lower once they replace stock photos with our images.

2. Every business is individual

Professional photographers and photo studios indeed do stock photos and sell them on designated websites. However, imagine how many other companies may use the same photos on their websites and marketing materials to save some dollars instead of using truly unique and engaging photos that could be much better marketing tools and help them get more clients.

3. Build trust with your clients

Stock photos with people almost always have the same models over and over again for different compositions and subjects. For example, the same model may appear in the uniform of a nurse or a doctor, as a business person, a general contractor. Ask yourself a question. Would you instead use your employees’ photos whom your clients will work directly and trust or a random person with a fake smile whom your clients will never see in person? The answer is obvious.

4. Better ranking in search engines

According to one of John Mueller’s quotes original photography can make you a more attractive candidate to Google in those areas that do use images, and the boost in traffic you may get from those features might help your standard search results indirectly.

Hot to get started?

Begin to improve your business today with professional and original photography for your website and other marketing materials. At Commercial Picture, we understand the importance of the original photography and will work hard to make things happen the right way.

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