What is real estate photography equipment?

Real estate photography equipment is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The ability to photograph real estate: houses, apartments, interiors, etc. very useful and can be useful to you more than once. There is something special about the way light illuminates a room or other space. But how can all this be translated into reality?

Shooting with natural light has the advantage of having a short list of required real estate photography equipment. To get high-quality photos, the following must be present:


  • Professional photographic equipment for shooting
  • The skill of the photographer at the stage of photography
  • Monitor with IPS-matrix for color correction and specialized programs for photo processing
  • The skill of the photographer at the stage of photo processing
  • Prepared premises for interior photography
  • Tidy area for outdoor shooting (grass mowed, unnecessary items removed)
  • Sunny weather (for street photography)


There is no need to purchase the latest professional camera to get quality pictures. It is sufficient to have a wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens (with a focal length of 14-28mm in 35mm equivalent). A wide-angle lens is a powerful tool for emphasizing depth and relative size in a shot. When choosing a real estate camera, you should pay attention to its sensitivity. Your client may ask you to photograph the property at night. In this case, the higher the camera’s sensitivity to light (ISO), the better.

Some people believe that high-quality photography is solely the result of expensive technology. Technique alone does not make beautiful photographs. For this purpose, real estate photo editing software was created.

Architectural photography in general

For the correct display of the house, it is necessary to photograph it exactly. For this, professional real estate photography equipment is used with a minimum of geometric distortion.

It is important for a photographer not only to show the uniqueness and all the advantages of this or that interior but also to give the viewer a sense of presence in the property offered through professional photography, this is almost impossible to achieve without the help of real estate photography software.

Indoor spotlights are a major problem for the photographer. They create a sharp drop in illumination across the frame. Something falls into ‘over-light’, something into ‘under-light’. There are three solutions to this complexity:

  • shoot with exposure bracketing (HDR), select multiple frames and combine in Photoshop using layers and masks. Time consuming but effective.
  • make two frames. The first is the interior itself with its light source, the second is covering the light source with your finger. Combine frames in real estate photo editing software.
  • attraction of additional lighting for leveling illumination (installation of studio light, remote flash, spotlight). This technique increases the cost of the photo session, but makes the process of editing the material easier.

Spending time shooting with spaced lights and careful lighting measurements is cool, fun and highly professional, but unproductive. Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible (or very long) to take this photo without digital processing.

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