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Real Estate Photography is a professional on-demand real estate media production company with over 10 years of experience. We provide premium quality real estate media services including photography, videography, interactive 3d tours, virtual staging to help you quickly scale your residential or commercial real estate business.

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Virtual staging is a separate service and is not included in the price of real estate photography service. Learn more about virtual staging.

Up to 1000 Sq Ft

or 15 - 25 Photos*
$235per property
  • Up to 1 hour on-site time
  • 15-20 Professional Photos*
  • All HDR (High-Dynamic-Range)
  • Clear View Windows
  • Free Blue Sky Replacement
  • 24-48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • MLS Ready Photos

2,001 - 3,000 Sq Ft

or 36 - 45 photos*
$285per property
  • Up to 3 hours on-site time
  • 36-45 Professional Photos*
  • All HDR (High-Dynamic-Range)
  • Clear View Windows
  • Free Blue Sky Replacement
  • 24-48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • MLS Ready Photos

Prices do not include staging or decluttering assistance. The customer is fully responsible for preparing the property for photography. A photographer may perform some minor staging adjustments during the photoshoot: rearranging furniture or decor elements. Please click the button below to see the property preparation guide that may help you prepare the property before the appointment. During the appointment time, the photographer will take all necessary photos to represent the property accurately.

Travel fee are not included in the service price. Please refer to the travel fee schedule (see Frequently Asked Questions)

Property Preparation Guide
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Commercial Picture is one of the best real estate photography studios in Philadelphia. We provide professional real estate photography for realtors and agencies. Give us a call 215-595-4355 or book online professional real estate photographer in Philadelphia

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Pro Real Estate Photography

It doesn’t matter how well owners describe their houses. Photography plays the main role in buyer’s decision. If photos are unattractive, hardly someone will venture to buy the property. We provide top quality professional real estate photography and everything is possible for our agency. We are always ready to implement creative ideas and provide you with the best results.

HDR Real Estate Photography

A real estate photographer uses the technology of the high dynamic range to increase the brightness and clarity of the image. This processing helps to attain diversified artistic effects that emphasize the profitability of the interior. Light and shadow correction gives the viewer a natural view of the property's interior.

Twilight Photography

Twilight real estate photography is suitable to present an inspiring atmosphere. Our real estate photographers know how to convert even the most boring property into an eye-catching architecture. Our twilight photos help to increase buyers traffic to your listings.

Aerial Photography

Shooting with drones is a modern tendency. If before it was financially available only for luxurious agents, so now everyone can afford it. A drone operator manages the drone and takes unique pictures from the height of a bird’s flight. Drone pictures are very informational and always grab attention.

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Special Approach

Commercial Picture provides real estate photography services for more than 10 years. We know how to create high-quality pictures and guarantee the best result. We always build trust relations with clients. We always discuss all aspects of work with you in advance, make suggestions for the preparation of the premises, for instance:

Adding additional elements of decor:

These could be flowers in vases placed on the table or windowsill, books on the shelves, small pillows on sofas, soft carpets. The task of extra details is to cause a feeling of comfort, safety, and vitality. People will easily imagine a comfortable life or work in the house, apartment, or office.

Eliminating excessive items or furniture:

This technique visually expands the space and sets up the effect of cleanliness. Tidiness is an essential point when taking professional real estate photography.