Pro Real Estate Photography & Videography

Our real estate clients experience up to 70% increase in sales with professionally captured photos and video walkthroughs.

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Amazing pictures which literally draw consumers to your properties.

Irina Vilk, Real Estate Agent

Our clients always give us 5-start feedback as we always provide top quality of our service and on time! We have quality certificates and even awards for some of our projects! Check-out some of our reviews and contact us today to see why our clients love working with us!

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Real Estate Photo & Video Services

Real Estate Photography & Videos

Shooting with drones is a modern tendency. If before it was financially available only for luxurious agents, so now everyone can afford it. A qualified operator manages the drone and takes unique pictures and video from the high of the bird’s flight. Videos have special value because they turn the client’s attention and do not get lost in the flow of proposals.

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Real Estate Photo & Video Services

Premium HDR Photography

A real estate photographer uses the technology of the high dynamic range to increase the brightness of the image. This processing helps to attain diversified artistic effects that emphasize the profitability of the interior. Light and shadow correction gives the viewer a sense of peculiarity of an apartment. Real estate photos have high contrast and clarity of contours.

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Real Estate Photo & Video Services

Twilight Photography

Twilight real estate photography is suitable to present an inspiring atmosphere. Our real estate photographers know how to convert blurry to the clarity of the shapes. They work with artificial lighting of lanterns, lamps, garlands, and chandeliers.


Interested in professional real estate photography?

Commercial Picture is one of the best real estate photography studios in Philadelphia. We provide professional real estate photography and video tours for realtors and agencies. Give us a call 215-595-4355 or fill out the request form to hire a certified professional photographer in Philadelphia.


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Call us today at 215.595.4355 or complete the contact form, and we will contact you to discuss the photoshoot details and schedule an appointment at the best time convenient for you. We provide quick turnaround time and top quality to ensure that every our client is fully satisfied with our service.

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Best Real Estate Photographers in Philadelphia

Best Photo & Video Content for Real Estate Agencies

Our studio works actively with real estate agents. After all, photography plays the main role when customers choose the apartment. If photos are unattractive, hardly someone will venture to buy the property. On such occasions, it doesn’t matter how well owners describe their houses. Order realtor photography services and use your chance to increase the percentage of successful sales and make an excellent impression on the clients. Everything is possible for our agency. We are always ready to implement creative ideas and provide you with satisfactory results.

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Next Level Photo & Video Content for Real Estate Agencies

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – especially when it comes to the oversaturated real estate marketplace. Within seconds, potential buyers decide whether or not your listing appeals to them. And how do 99% of these clients make this decision? By looking at your photographs. This is why it’s more important than ever that your listing’s photos stand out from the competition, immediately grab buyers’ attention, and compel them to reach out.

Prices for real estate photography

Real estate photography is an interior photography service for creating advertisements for any real estate, where the interior of the premises, its design and decoration. Interior photography is now in demand for the promotion of houses and buildings from realtors, brokers, designers, architects, from owners, for whom  professional photos are necessary. Thus, increased profits, commercial value and customer influx. The service exists to create a first good customer experience and credibility in real estate advertising. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the price list for real estate photography, which will eventually pay off.

The quality of the photo directly depends on the pricing of real estate photography, and this, in turn, depends on the type of shooting and the method of remuneration: hourly, rate for a specific amount or type of services from a specialist. For example, if photos are needed for advertising, then the price of real estate photography will be one of the highest. Much less for reporting.

Commercial Picture is all about Professional Real Estate Photography & Videography

Commercial Picture studio provides commercial and real estate photography services for more than 10 years. We know how to create high-qualitative pictures and guarantee the desired result. Our agency builds trust relations with clients. 

We have a special approach to our clients. We will discuss all aspects of work with you in advance, make suggestions for the preparation of the premises, for instance:

To add additional elements. These are flowers in vases placed on the table or windowsill, books on the shelves, small pillows on sofas, soft carpets. The task of extra details is to cause a feeling of comfort, safety, and vitality. People will easily imagine a comfortable life or work in apartments or offices;

To eliminate excess items. This technique visually expands the space and sets up the effect of cleanliness. Tidiness is an indispensable point when taking professional real estate photography.

Experts also clarify the purpose of getting pictures: the sales of the buildings, portfolios for designers and architects, rents of houses for celebration, realtor photography. The details that professionals will empathize depend on the goal.

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between basic and HDR real estate photography? HDR photography is a combination of technology and photographer’s technique. HDR photography is extremely beneficial for real estate marketing as it brings bright, vibrant, yet natural looking colors. The technology lets eliminate excessive highlights and too dark shadows. Combination of soft artificial light (not flash), HDR technology, and our editing techniques let us create stunning photos that will demonstrate your real estate properties in the best way to potential buyers.

We currently serve Greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County, Montgomery County, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York areas.

Normally we do not charge traveling fees if the service location is within 30 miles radius from our office. To service any location outside of the free travel zone we charge $0.50 per mile.

For real estate photography and videography we have all necessary equipment: top-level cameras, drones, lenses, audio recording, and lighting equipment. We are always ready to implement any real estate photography project of any complexity.

For all virtual tours we currently use the most recent Matterport camera Pro2 3D with laser scanner. The camera not only has one of the best lenses for creating stunning 3D virtual tours but also has built in laser scanner to scan the rooms and generate precise 3D models and 2D floor plans of the building.