Real Estate Photography & Videography

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – especially when it comes to the oversaturated real estate marketplace.

Within seconds, potential buyers decide whether or not your listing appeals to them. And how do 99% of these clients make this decision? By looking at your photographs. This is why it’s more important than ever that your listing’s photos stand out from the competition, immediately grab buyers’ attention, and compel them to reach out.

If you own property in Philadelphia or Bucks County, call Commercial Picture today to book your real estate photoshoot!

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Traditional Real Estate Photography

Commercial Picture’s traditional real estate photography service is ideal for new agents, or for brokers who post multiple listings daily. Clients gain access to high-quality photographs, each one crafted using standard post-production color correction and perspective adjustment techniques:

25 Photos



35 Photos



45 Photos



60 Photos



Premium HDR Real Estate Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology records three different pictures simultaneously, each with varying levels of light and dark – otherwise known as 'exposure.' Then, these images are overlaid on top of one another, and the technology automatically highlights the best parts of each one. From there, the Commercial Picture team professionally edits your images in post-production to maximize attractiveness and engagement.

Together, Commercial Picture’s premium HDR real estate photography packages are ideal for residential and commercial properties that boast superior architectural design, beautifully furnished rooms, or other features that deserve highlighting.

HDR Photo Non HDR Photo

25 Photos

Basic HDR


35 Photos

Advanced HDR


45 Photos

Professional HDR


60 Photos

Elite HDR


Additional Services:

Blue Sky Replacement

It is not always possible to take pictures of the property exterior with a blue sky due to the weather. We will pick and replace the dull gray sky with a gorgeous blue sky from our large library of photos.

$ 25 per photo

$15 per photo on orders over 5 photos

House With Blue Sky Replacement House Original

Virtual Staging

Bring your real estate photos to life with professional virtual staging. Photos with furniture are more engaging as they look more attractive and present to home buyers full potential of the space.

$ 65 per photo

$50 per photo on orders over 5 photos

Room Photo with Virtual Staging Original Room Photo

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