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Whether your business have a team or you work as and individual you must have a professional headshots. The study shows that businesses with websites displaying professional portraits of business owners and crew members is more trustable. Contact us today to book our professional headshot photography services your area.

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Professional Headshots & Portraits

The quality of a portrait photo depends on several factors like pose of a model, background, light setup, makeup, etc.

However, an even more important factor is the model’s attitude, their inner state and the degree of emancipation. A professional portrait photographer should be psychologists, have a good sense of humor, the ability to create the atmosphere and mood of the model.

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Essential Headshot

$175per session
  • 1 Hour Photo Session
  • Studio Lighting
  • White or Back Backdrop
  • Up to 25 raw photos
  • 2 Selected photo for retouching

Custom Portrait

$250per hour
  • Price per hour
  • Studio/Natural Lighting
  • Natural Background
  • Up to 25-50 raw photos per hour
  • 15 Selected photo for retouching
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About Portrait Photography

Portrait is the most popular, but also a very difficult genre in photography. Taking portraits isn’t just about posing and pressing the shutter button; this genre of photo requires a thoughtful approach, preparation and diligence of a portrait photographer. Only then the pictures will fit the demands of the audience.

The picture should look natural, so the artists need to work with the person they are shooting so that they feel relaxed without feeling embarrassed, otherwise the portrait will turn out to be boring, unnatural and emotions will look faked.

Portraits are versatile. A portrait can be considered both a close-up photograph and a picture in which a person is depicted as a very tiny object against the background of endless space. It is very important not only to convey the emotions, character, appearance of the model, but also to express the plot of the portrait photography

The goal of a portrait photography is not only to convey the physical likeness of the object, but also to preserve a certain aspect of the client’s personality so that the viewer, while looking at the picture, can feel what kind of person is in front of them. There are some key tasks for a portrait photographer:

It is better to photograph people who are not aware of the presence of the camera – this way, they won’t have the opportunity to “make a face”. A professional can create a relaxed everyday environment.

In more formal situations, when a business portrait photographer is alone with the model, capturing the character of the person in the photo can be more difficult because most people feel uncomfortable posing for the photographer. Good portrait photography captures the essence of a person, whether they are a child, a neighbor, or a celebrity.