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In the competitive, fast-paced world of fashion, it’s important that your photographs enhance your clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories, by making them more eye-catching to your customers. These images also must build awareness about your brand. Whether you need them for product catalogs, magazines, social media campaigns, or websites, Commercial Picture’s fashion photos are sure to make an impact and set you apart from the competition.

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Capturing Your Story

Fashion isn’t just about materials and hemlines—it’s about declaring individuality, and telling a captivating story. This is where Commercial Picture comes in. Our professional team of fashion photographers has vast experience working with a wide variety of brands and models. We know what it takes to deliver vibrantly sharp photos that your clients will remember, and that will send your sales through the roof.

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Are You a Model?

If you live in Philadelphia or Bucks County, are at least 18 years old of any gender, and are interested in becoming a model, we want to hear from you! We’ll schedule a brief interview and a free photoshoot, after which we’ll present your pictures to our fashion and advertising clients (with your permission, of course).

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