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Interior Photography

Whether you are an interior designer, staging agency, kitchen designer, or a home remodeling specialist, you need to have a photo portfolio. At Commercial Picture, we understand the importance of creating an excellent portfolio to attract clients and closing sales. Let us help you to build your portfolio with stunning photos that emphasize your work.

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Commercial Picture is one of the best real estate photography studios in Philadelphia. We provide professional real estate and interior photography services. Give us a call at 215-595-4355 or book online our professional interior photography services.

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Interior Photography

Interior photography is one of the directions of architectural photography, which includes shooting the interior of rooms, premises, furniture and accessories. Nowadays this direction is very popular with clients who need such services for a vivid variety of goals.

It is extremely important for interior design photographer to be able to convey the atmosphere of a room and its features, coziness and comfort, to see and reflect decorative ideas and the uniqueness of the apartments.

What is the purpose of interior photography?

This genre of photography is relevant for advertising a restaurant or hotel. Besides, it will help you make a decision when buying a house or apartment. Real estate business is always catching the wave with top-class photographs of houses and flats.

Every realtor is interested in showing the housing being sold in the most effective way. Do you want to make a fortune with the help of interior design photographers? Our company is ready to implement all your ideas and proposals into life!

Features of

Working with interior design photography

In fact, the work of a home interior photographer consists of a lot of significant and sophisticated processes. Photography is one of the most interesting forms of art, quite widespread, seemingly easy to learn. However, a lot of camera men face difficulties while picking up architecture photographs.

Indeed, without operating particular skills, knowledge and photographic experience, you can waste your time, but still not get the photos of the level that you looked at with lust in the magazine. There are several main items that should be taken into account:

  • Light setup
  • Focus and exposure
  • Staging
  • Composition

Finding the best angles is time consuming and requires experience. Also, a lot depends on the creativity of the interior photographer and artistic intention. While forming the picture, it’s better to adhere to the rule: “The more natural, the better.” Our company considers it beneficial to change angles, camera tilt, try different lighting in order to develop a unique style. Moreover, don’t forget to find the details that affect the feelings of the viewer through things: texture, light and color.

Interior photography should convey to the audience the atmosphere of the place being photographed. It doesn’t matter what the picture is – a cinema, a restaurant or a cafe, a mansion or the interior of the yacht’s cabin. The person who looks at the pictures should feel “inside” the photograph, clearly imagine not only the space, but also see the interior peculiarities, details and all kinds of nuances of the room. Potential customers have to feel their presence in the depicted room and its setting.