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We have large experience in food photography for diners and restaurants. We work with agencies and food delivery companies such as DoorDash.
Food Photography - ginger wok crab rangoon

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We provide professional food photography for restaurants and diners. All our food photography matches DoorDash specifications and standards. Our food photography services include on-site photography session and post-production editing and adjustments. Here are some of the example of our food photography projects:

Food Photography - ginger wok chicken and steal teriyaki 1024x576
Food Photography - a and s pizza antipasto 1024x576
Food Photography - a and s pizza garlic knots 1024x576
Food Photography - ginger wok sliced beef szechuan style 1024x576

Photography is a very versatile art form that includes portrait, reportage, landscape to name but a few. There are various directions in photography, not only in the professional but also in the amateur field. The 21st century has brought up a plethora of mainstreams and novelties.

Today you may come across a completely new term – foodstagramming. This neologism comes from the popular Instagram network, where you can most often see the “masterpieces” of this genre. However, food photography is actually a whole direction in photography, which finds application in a number of areas of our life. Contemporary photography trends convey food alive, appetizing, aromatic and bewitching.

There are not only photographic objects, but also installations where a food photographer of our company can depict food, show various images, where the object acquires new properties. Among all, this type of photography is necessary for advertising – explicit or hidden. In fact, all participants in foodstagramming act as a kind of advertising managers, and the new hobby plays into the hands of the owners of catering establishments.

Surely everyone, getting acquainted with the menu of cafes and restaurants, has seen colorful pictures of dishes. In this case, we are not dealing with footstagramming, but with food photography – one of the directions of advertising photography. A specialized food photographer carries out each shooting in compliance with a number of technical requirements using expensive lighting and photographic equipment. 

Our food photography price list

Besides, professional food photography is used for award-winning restaurants and cafes, top brands, world-famous chefs and new start-ups. Generally, we offer several services, including:

  • food photos;
  • meal packaging shooting;
  • recipe book photography;
  • restaurant shooting;
  • catering services pictures;
  • beverage photography;
  • food articles;
  • hotel-restaurant-menu-photographing.

Each of them has its own food photography price list. So, every client can choose the most suitable for them option from any of these ones.

The benefits of foodstagramming 

Food photography needs skills and experience, the ability to convey an object in order to show it in the frame in the best possible way. Of course, we are not talking about those photos when girls take pictures of sushi, rolls or ice cream to post on Instagram. Taking such pictures often awakens a healthy appetite. In order to take beautiful pictures, of course, you need high-quality, high-resolution, colorful and rich in shades food photography. Thus, nobody will turn a blind eye to your product!

There are also very beautiful and not easy to prepare dishes that are made from many layers, components and unique ingredients. Nowadays foodstagramming is used by a lot of professional cooks and chefs to teach other people the art of cooking. Thereby, they make beautiful and colorful pictures of food with the whole process of master class, posting on the Internet with a description to each photo and the stage of preparation. It helps amateurs learn how to cook from these step-by-step description photos.

The process of creating a food-photo-masterpiece

As a professional photography agency, we do know that taking a good food photo is pretty artful. Many nuances have to be taken into account in order to take such a picture: to reflect the play of light and shadow, so that the photo is “lively”, real. It should be light enough, everything is bright and colorful. Also, it is necessary to choose the angle of view, from which side to shoot.

You need to know the camera, its capabilities. In order to lay out beautifully separate parts of the whole composition, you need to have the skills of an artist who makes still lifes. It is crucial to choose the approach to the object, more or less large. The object must be clearly visible, the smallest details must be seeable to achieve the best final result. For this, macro photography is used. In our opinion, food photography is about taste, art, aesthetics and unickness.

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