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Build your brand awareness!

In the competitive, fast-paced world of fashion, it’s important that your photographs enhance your clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories, by making them more eye-catching to your customers. These images also must build awareness about your brand. Whether you need them for product catalogs, magazines, social media campaigns, or websites, Commercial Picture’s fashion photos are sure to make an impact and set you apart from the competition.

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Your personal professional photographer

Fashion isn’t just about materials and hemlines—it’s about declaring individuality, and telling a captivating story. This is where Commercial Picture comes in. Our professional team of fashion photographers has vast experience working with a wide variety of brands and models. We know what it takes to deliver vibrantly sharp photos that your clients will remember, and that will send your sales through the roof.

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What is high fashion photography?

Vogue picture is one of the most famous trends in art. A professional fashion photographer doesn’t only shoot models wearing branded items, illuminate collection shows and take pictures of the behind-the-scenes world of fashion, but mainly convey the atmosphere of the epoch, the mood and style of the era, showing the ideal that culture and humanity aspires to.

Forever mainstream: why is it so difficult to take fashion pictures?

Trends in the best fashion photography are shaped by society, the fashion canons and technology. This genre of photography is an art, science and business that is constantly evolving and requires high qualifications.

Multimedia continues to dominate, which requires new skills from fashion photographers, because the future lies in mixing photo and video techniques. Another bright trend in fashion photography is the desire for authenticity. People are tired of ideal models, they want to associate themselves with the images in the pictures and feel the emotions shown by someone who looks like themselves.

What does a fashion photographer do?

Vogue photography today means shooting brilliant collections of fashion houses, photographing fashion shows, glamorous events with the fashion elite etc.

The requirements for this photo genre have strongly changed as well as the cannons have shifted. Nowadays the conception of the work of a fashion photographer is often much more important than such peculiar details as clothing, makeup or hairstyle.

There are several directions in vogue fashion photography has several directions, differing in type, location or purpose of photography, such as:

  • Clothes without a model. This direction is called “Flat lay”. Pictures are printed in a magazine or posted on the network. This rubric usually has the title “would you wear it?” or “what to wear?”
  • Catalog and commercial photos. Designed for placement in fashion editions in order to attract buyers. Images for shooting are created by stylists in full – with models, makeup, accessories. 
  • Shooting from the catwalk. Any self-respecting brand arranges at least one or two shows a year on the podiums of Paris, Milan, London and New York. A top fashion photographer needs skillful hands, decent technique and proper light circumstances. Usually making models’ images is a deal of organizers to create an attractive picture for the viewer.
  • Street photography. It can be staged with a thorough study of the frame and the image of the models, or it can be spontaneous. The fashion photographer simply merges with the crowd of people and seeks out unusual, stylish people who stand out from the crowd. Such pictures are now very fashionable in blogs and on personal pages of amateur photographers.
  • Image, magazine shooting. We see the best examples of such photos in popular glossy journals. In order to reach this level, the photographer needs not only to learn seeing the fashionable clothes and the face of the model, but also feeling the inner dynamics of the idea and image itself, its mood. All of this is conveyed to the viewer through makeup, light and non-standard decorations.

Why Commercial Picture?

Glossy magazines and brands turn to professionals who understand all the intricacies of work for help, so it’s increasingly difficult for self-taught people to break through and try to play the first fiddle. That’s why our team of the best fashion photographers struggles to implement customer’s ideas in the best possible way!

There is a wide variety of services, including:

  • pictures for glossy editions;
  • photos for social media;
  • shooting for advertising campaigns or websites;
  • fashion portrait photography;
  • photographs for magazines and catalogs;
  • snapshots for personal portfolio;
  • shooting for modeling agencies.

Having luggage of experience working with a large number of logos and models, our professional team knows all the secrets of how to bring about individuality, vibrancy, uniqueness, trends and memorability in your photographs. So, whether you need vogue photographers for your personal goals or commercial purposes, we are ready to cooperate, discuss your proposals and wishes to achieve the best result!

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