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Would you like to promote your real estate property even if it is currently undergoing construction? Our real estate photography services cover all construction stages, keeping potential buyers updated. Additionally, before and after photography can benefit remodeling companies, serving as a portfolio and reporting tool.

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Other Services

In addition to our real estate photography services, we offer a diverse range of other media services for real estate. From virtual tours to aerial photography, we have the expertise to showcase your properties in the best possible way.

Our services are typically available throughout PA, NJ, and NY, but we are also willing to travel to other locations. Additional travel and hospitality fees may apply for appointments outside our standard service areas. If you require further information, please get in touch with our customer service team.

You should use our online booking system to schedule our real estate photography service. Once you select the service, you should specify the appointment date, time, and location. At the end of the booking process, payment is required via credit card to finalize the booking. Please note that failure to complete payment will result in an incomplete booking.

At no extra cost, our photographers will travel to any location within a 30-mile radius of their original location. However, if the distance exceeds the 30-mile radius, we will charge a travel fee of $1 per extra mile. It is important to note that this fee does not cover tolls or parking expenses, which will be charged separately.

As an illustration of our travel fee policy, for locations such as New York, NY, which fall outside our 30-mile radius service area, we will impose a travel fee of $60 in addition to any applicable parking or toll charges.

We cover Philadelphia and Bucks County in our regular service area, and there will be no charge for scheduling appointments within these locations.

We require a 100% deposit from all clients to secure any service booking. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, a fee of 25% of the total cost will be charged. This fee will be deducted from your initial deposit, and the remaining balance will be refunded.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your real estate photography, we strongly advise that your property be photo-ready upon our specialist’s arrival. To assist you with this process, we have prepared a property preparation guide that can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Property Preparation Guide

Our clients have the full, non-transferable right to utilize all media materials for marketing purposes without limitations. However, all media materials produced by our agency remain the agency’s property. Transfer of copyright requires a separate agreement.

Example of non-transferable right: suppose a real estate agent has ordered a photography service for marketing purposes of a property. In that case, they may use the materials to upload on MLS on social media channels, print advertisements, etc. However, suppose a staging company or home remodeling specialist requests the photos for their portfolio. In that case, they must pay the full-service fee paid by the client who ordered the service.