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Selling your high-value classic or sports car?

Whether you’re handling it on your own, using an online service, or hiring an auction company, Commercial Picture’s outstanding photos will highlight every vital detail to potential buyers. Our automotive photography services include a thorough photoshoot of your vehicle, including its exterior, interior, engine compartment, and undercarriage.

At first we will discuss shooting location and will schedule an appointment at the convenient day and time. During the photoshoot we will take all possible exterior and interior photos to provide maximum details for a potential buyer.

What is automotive photography?

Automobile photography is a big business that requires a professional approach of automotive photographer and colossal shooting areas. This kind of art began its movement long ago and nowadays its development in the world is at a very decent level: each of us has ever opened magazines like Top Gear. For our company working with auto photography is a creative process as our staff is in love with their job.


What does an automotive photographer do?

It is believed that photographing cars is very prestigious. Only an automobile photographer with exceptional technical skills can implement the customer’s ideas into life. Our job is quite difficult as long as there are no analogues in the photography industry.


Of course, there have always been people filming cars, but usually this business wasn’t done by professionals, but by journalists writing texts for the article. There were also exceptions when this job was done by the automotive photographer. Usually, this question depends on the customer’s budget and the desire to receive or not receive quality material at the output.


There is a list of services that we offer:

  • selling your rarity cars (sports or vehicles of high class);
  • photographer for car company;
  • preparing photos for the advertising campaign of the product;
  • car photographs for the galleries.


Mostly we help our clients sell their cars in the best possible way. If you choose between vending your vehicle online or entrusting this mission into the hands of professionals, choose the second variant and you won’t regret it!


In order to achieve the final goal, our car photographers make a photoshoot very thoroughly, taking into account its technical characteristics, interior and exterior. We understand how to highlight the strengths of the automobile to show a potential buyer all benefits of the future purchase.


Peculiarities of a car photographer’s job

Perhaps the main problem is that there are no trifles in this business. There are many nuances in automobile photography: 

  • for a beautiful display of the car’s surface, the photographer needs a polarizing filter, which removes unnecessary glare and reflections from the car;
  • to achieve the best result, the car needs washing before shooting – no one wants to see dirt on a clean car, except for filming where dirt is a photographer’s idea (for example, off-road shooting);
  • it’s necessary to carefully select a place suitable for the style of the car and several hours of staged shooting; 
  • lighting setup: our car dealership photographer considers sunrise and sunset the best time to make pictures – the lighting becomes softer and hard shadows disappear.
  • properly selected photo processing: some pictures may need retouching or require background replacement and other technical changes.


As for the details, while carrying out a private order, then, perhaps, the details of the car in the form of headlights, nameplates, radiator grilles, etc. are not so essential to the owner. However, if it comes to magazine shooting or advertisement campaigns, then such photos become an integral part of the photo session – an article with such pictures will look more complete and stylish.


How to make an order?

If you want to cooperate, fill in the blank on our website and our manager will contact you as soon as possible. With the help of automotive photographer you will be able to fulfill all your wishes connected with the car industry and even start your own business!

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