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About Aerial Photography

New technologies give the possibility to present the properties of the product in a different way. Real estate drone photography reveals features that are impossible to convey by traditional real estate photography. Use our real estate drone services to raise the sales because such type of shooting has already become an integral part of real estate marketing.

Drone Photography Examples

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Drone Photography & Videography Services

Real estate aerial photography is a process of shooting with the help of a drone from the high of a bird’s flight.  A professional operator who has FAA license and insurance manages the device. Our studio takes responsibility for organisational moments such as checking the location of the future aerial photography for real estate.

We will take special permission if it is a zone with drone restrictions, for instance, places near industrial enterprises or airports. You can arrange the shooting time with a photographer in advance and we will provide aerial drone photography services exactly as it is planned. Our specialists work operatively, therefore you will get photos and videos in a few business days after choromerty.

Aerial Photography & Videography - aerial 9 webster ct plainsboro nj 08536 1 1024x683

Drone aerial photography prices

We offer the following aerial (drone) photography and videography services. You have an opportunity to pick one of drone aerial photography services or order all of them.:

  • High resolution aerial images
  • Video with music, branding, and contact information

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Do not lose your chance to increase sales efficiently and to get the necessary result working with our specialists. Enjoy professionalism and attentiveness to you as a client. We will implement your proposals and offer our own ideas. Our experience and creativity help us with realization of conception.

The benefits of real estate drone photography (aerial photography)

In the market customers see a lot of offers that seem the same type. As follows, sellers resort to various ways for attracting attention. Modern technologies have brought new ideas for product realization. Drone photography is a unique solution to the issue of commonplace. People’s eyes catch better bright aerial videos for real estate than common photos. This type of shooting:

Shows volumes and scales of buildings. It gives the general picture about objects: how they look compared to other houses and how large the surrounding area is.
Unusual angles. Real estate aerial video demonstrates the sides of buildings that we can not physically see in everyday life.
Spectacular shots. We create aerial photography Philadelphia to impress your clients with originality and high quality.

These services are useful for all branches of business, no matter whether it is an enterprise or a restaurant. Photos and videos will attract both clients and partners for collaboration.


FAQ about Aerial Drone Photography

One of the most efficient ways to advertise real estate is to hire professionals for drone photography of excellent quality that can deliver an array of indisputable benefits. Of course, the first concern that may bother clients is the price shaping, hourly rates, and total project costs. Here are key factors that may affect the final costs:

  • the complexity of the photoshoot process and the length of the session;
  • the reputation of the chosen experts and quality of services performed since the years of business and a long proven track record of success allow specialists to command higher prices than their competitors, but you will also get more compelling and productive visual material to strengthen your marketing campaign;
  • the quality of equipment used during shooting, as well as software tools for comprehensive editing.

The funds you need to allocate for the assistance of the experts range between $150 and $350 per project. Contact the Commercial Picture team of devoted photographers to obtain more details.

One of the best shots for real estate and architectural objects is possible to obtain through aerial photography services. With drone technology in the combination with proficient and passionate experts in photography and videography, the industry has been totally transformed and rendered fresh and innovative perspectives. Experts, capturing photographs of buildings at their best angle, highlighting their aesthetics and beauty, as well as nearby territories and landscapes, offer impressive and exceptional advertising materials for commercial clients. Reasons to partner with professionals are:

  • more accurate depiction of the objects for sharing its visual features and enticing potential buyers or renters;
  • superior quality photos will evoke trust, help to build a great promotion strategy, and beat the harsh competition on the market;
  • through a bird’s eye view of houses and buildings, the location is presented in more vivid details that capture the attention;
  • astonishing pictures can boost your digital advertising and generate more traffic to your website.

To positively impact the impressions of your construction business clients and create wow factors through exceptional images, services for aerial real estate photography will be your smartest choice.

One of the up-to-date and efficient trends in the real estate advertising industry is hiring specialists who are capable of taking incredible and catching aerial images and capturing unique perspectives, using drones to feature property. However, clients of real estate photographers must be extremely careful when signing a contract with experts since it is not enough that a specialist has the drone, can skillfully control the device, and bring outstanding material for your promotion.

To be able to provide services for clients who need real estate drone photography, a drone pilot must be commercially licensed. Thus, choose the services of photographers who are licensed and can legally provide drone photography services for commercial use. A deal with non-licensed professionals will be considered illegal. Moreover, safety is the top priority, and a person that has no permits can just neglect the issue of safety and risk-free shooting. The company you hire for cooperation always must be aware of all regulations and restrictions in your state, and you must check the expertise of the team before starting the shooting session.

Aerial photography experts will not only capture great shots of the architectural and construction objects but will also take care that all the best sides of the property are showcased on another level. Generally, the prices start from $80 per hour of work and can go up to $250. When it comes to the total project price it can go up to $500, especially if a client strives to get fully edited stunning and out-of-the-ordinary photographs of exceptional quality.

It is something that is better not to save on since cooperating with inexperienced agencies that offer lower prices can cost you your reputation and prevent your business from successful thriving. Thus, don’t be guided only by prices. If you want to stay above your competitors, add more engagement on the Internet, and win confidence, make sure that professionals are focused on your brand promotion through delivering a visual presentation of property you sell and can ensure the latest flying technologies.