3D Floor Plans

Envision the internal areas of your upcoming real estate project before construction even begins. Our 3D floor plan renderings go beyond traditional 2D floor plans by providing a more realistic and immersive experience of your future space. With the renderings, you can get a realistic sense of each room’s size, proportions, and overall design.

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Other Services

In addition to our 3D floor plans service, we offer a diverse range of other media services for real estate. From virtual tours to aerial photography, we have the expertise to showcase your properties in the best possible way.

Our 3D floor plan services offer a quick turnaround of 1-2 business days for straightforward designs. However, if there are modifications or adjustments requested, additional time may be required to complete the updated version.

Please use our online ordering system to request 3D floor plans. After placing an order please email us the original floor plans or blueprints.

We require a 100% deposit from all clients to begin virtual staging work. If you need to cancel the work after the order is placed, a 25% cancelation fee of the total cost will be charged. This fee will be deducted from your initial deposit, and the remaining balance will be refunded.

Our clients have the full, non-transferable right to utilize all media materials for marketing purposes without limitations. However, all media materials produced by our agency remain the agency’s property. Transfer of copyright requires a separate agreement.

Example of non-transferable right: suppose a real estate agent has ordered a photography service for marketing purposes of a property. In that case, they may use the materials to upload on MLS on social media channels, print advertisements, etc. However, suppose a staging company or home remodeling specialist requests the photos for their portfolio. In that case, they must pay the full-service fee paid by the client who ordered the service.