• Clean the yard and landscaping
  • Sweep porches, decks, and driveways
  • Clear all cars from road and driveway in front of the house
  • Ask your neighbors not park in front of your house on the day of the photoshoot
  • It is recommended to block the street parking space in front of the house with construction cones
  • Hide all garbage cans and lawn equipment
  • Remove BBQ covers
  • Open up patio umbrellas
  • Turn on all possible outdoor and indoor lights
  • Open all indoor window treatments

Remove & Hide:

  • Personal pictures from walls, shelves, and countertops
  • Personal items
  • Shoes and clothes
  • Pet items
  • All floor mats and runners
  • Towels from handles
  • Magnetics from fridges and other appliances
  • Stickers from furniture and appliances
  • Protection films and covers from appliances and stairs

Essential Preparation:

  • Clean dust from all surfaces including furniture and countertops
  • Clean and polish wood/vinyl/tile flooring with a cleaning solution
  • Vacuum all carpet floors
  • Fix all wall dents/holes/other imperfections
  • Turn on all possible indoor lights
  • Hide as well as possible any cables from table lamps, electronics, and appliances
  • Turn off all ceiling fans, TVs, and computer screens
  • Remove unnecessary furniture and decorations (that will not benefit a good picture)
  • Replace burned out light bulbs with light bulbs of matching color temperature

Kitchen Preparation:

  • Clean all kitchen sinks and countertops
  • Declutter kitchen countertops
  • Polish stainless steel appliances with stainless steel cleaning solution
  • Hide all plates, cups, etc.

Bathroom Preparation:

  • Clean bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Remove all of the shampoo bottles, soaps, shaving razors, and other items

Bedroom Preparation:

  • Clean all night stands and dressers
  • Make all of the beds

  • It is highly recommended to have the same color temperature of light bulbs throughout each open space
  • Keep in place any room decoration items that you believe may benefit the photos

  • During a scan process of a virtual 3D tour or shooting a video no people or pets are allowed to be at home
  • Decluttering of the property is essential for good photos and therefore is required
  • No pets are allowed to be at home during the service

  • No pets at the property are allowed during the photoshoot
  • Seller (property’s owner) guarantees that the property is safe for our staff members
  • If our specialist feels that the property or some of its areas are not safe in any way we reserve the right to cancel the entire service at the client’s cost or avoid shooting such areas of the property