Magic real estate words: how to get buyers’ attention

You are going to sell property? Easily! You just need to use appropriate real estate words in your ad. It would seem, what’s so difficult? However, just getting started, many real estate sellers realize that things are not so simple. Here are some tips on how to find real estate words that sell.

Headline: another name for real estate

The first thing a customer looks at is the headline. Therefore, getting their attention should begin with choosing bright and attractive real estate synonyms. At the same time, you should know that you have only 1.5 seconds to “catch” the eye of the site visitor with the words that sell.

What’s the secret of a good headline? Indeed, there are seven of them:

  • brevity and information content;
  • luxury home descriptions;
  • compliance with the subject;
  • intelligibility;
  • real estate adjectives;
  • intrigue;
  • no point.

If you can create a headline with another word for sell, the likelihood of attracting a buyer increases. 

Descriptive words to describe a house in the main text

How to show the buyers that your offer is exactly what they need? Give them as much real estate advertising words as possible. Don’t write unnecessary “water”. For example, you can use a descriptive synonym for real estate (magic, chic and others) or more details about the object itself and the surrounding infrastructure. The more detailed you describe the property you are selling, exactly using home adjectives, the more likely it is to be bought quickly.

Your ad can be considered good if it answers the following questions:

  • What’s on sale?
  • Where is it?
  • How much is it?
  • Why choose this option?
  • Who advertises?
  • Where to call for information?
  • When should you call?

If you are looking for a quick sale at a good price, then a detailed ad with synonyms for real estate is your best assistant. In addition, more details in the description of the offer allows sellers on our online platform to occupy higher positions in the ad ranking.

“Right” and “wrong” words to describe houses

There are some real estate descriptive words that will definitely draw attention to your ad:

  1. “From the owner” and “No commission”. Nowadays, when everyone is trying to save as much as possible, such a real estate synonym causes quite a lot of excitement and a desire to at least go to see the apartment.
  2. “Fresh renovation”. The buyer will appreciate this self-care, even if it raises the price a little. Other words for real estate with the same meaning are also beneficial in ads.
  3. “Spacious”. Buyers usually have big plans for new properties and want space for all of this.

There are also real estate marketing terms that should not be used in the texts:

  1. “Bargaining” – the presence of this real estate verbiage indicates that the price of real estate is too high and, most likely, not justified.
  2. “Original ” layout, interior, building. Not all people like to stand out from the crowd, so pointing out uniqueness using such real estate words can scare potential buyers away.
  3. “Little”. It’s not worth using this one in relation to the real estate market. It’s better to replace it with another word for real estate “cozy”.

Readability and specificity of real estate marketing words

Get away from long text, which as a continuous “sheet” spreads before the reader on the screen. Break it down into paragraphs, add lists and subheadings. It should be noted that only the first real estate words will be read carefully by the buyer and the rest will be “diagonally”. Their attention will be attracted by bright thematic subheadings or words to describe real estate agent, which can be highlighted in bold, italic or in capital letters, if the service allows it.

When it comes to infrastructure, be sure to describe in detail which of the needs of a potential buyer is nearby. The same applies to the territory of the residential complex. Just a few words associated with real estate – benches, flower beds, playgrounds – will make you stand out from your competitors.

Finally, the best tip is being sincere and original.  If a person is imbued with the atmosphere and positive emotions that you can convey to him through home descriptions words, then he will certainly have a desire to call you and make an appointment in order to see with his own eyes the accommodation so wonderfully described by you.

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