About Product Photography

Through the past decades photography has become a very useful and profitable tool. There are a lot of photo genres which have strongly simplified our lives. Product photography is one of them. Online shopping is impossible without high-quality grocery photos. The user cannot touch or try on the product before purchasing – in fact, people make their choice based on the image presented to them.

The first thing that a potential buyer will see when they find one of your product catalogs or one of the product items is not characteristics, but photographs. A study from Econsultancy showed that people can remember only 20% of the information they read and 80% of the information they saw. Besides, their recent surveys showed that enlarged and more professional product photos increased conversions by 300%.

The customer’s first impression of your product and store depends on the quality and usability of the photo. Attractive images of a product will increase the likelihood of buying it from you, while bad photos will certainly force a person to study the market further.

Quality as a mark of product photography pricing

Due to the studies of American freelance platform Upwork, the quality of the product photography is a very important or even the most significant factor in purchasing decisions for 75% of online shoppers. What is more, a 2015 research by Voxware in the United States found that 54% of all returns are due to color or class mismatches in a customer’s product. In other words, every second return in your online store is made because the product in the photo does not match the color and quality of the real product in life.

According to the American company Optimistic, increasing the size of photos improves conversion by an average of 9.46%. Depending on the online store’s sales, this figure translates into significant incremental sales every day, month and year.

Interesting to know: Amazon product photography service peculiarities

It’s a well-known fact that product photography plays a huge role in attracting and converting customers. Product pictures should not only meet the technical requirements of Amazon, but also inspire people to buy your product. Online store managers of our company closely monitor and evaluate the photos submitted for listing in terms of their compliance with Amazon requirements. However, photographs that don’t attract the attention of buyers will not provide the desired profit and affect the product photography price. Amazon requirements include:

the title photo should be placed on a strictly white background and the subject itself should occupy at least 80% of the frame area
only the real image of the item is allowed in the main photo;
no drawing or illustration
the main photo should only show the product being sold, no texts, logos and other third-party elements.
Of course, the rules are strict but doable. We do recommend choosing our service in order to fit all the standards of amazon product photography and succeed in sailing.

Features of e-commerce photography services: our hall-marks

Firstly, it is especially important to show the parts that are touched and move with each use (for example, fasteners of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories; buttons, toggle switches of equipment) or very important for the convenience of initial installation (side and rear panels of equipment with connectors, plugs and wires ). It is also appropriate to submit photographs of details revealing the composition of the goods, if it is difficult to submit this composition in text form – say, pages of books, especially illustrated ones.

Secondly, a specialized product photographer should provide the consumer with all the necessary information, answer all their questions, tell about the purpose of the product and pay attention to the necessary details. Well-taken product photos dramatically increase conversions, reduce the number of returns, increase brand awareness and loyalty. No wonder they say that one picture replaces a thousand words.