A few years ago, photography existed only in the home environment to capture important moments in life. Nowadays, photographs are often used in advertising promotion. The buyer, first of all, examines the picture, visually evaluates the item, and only then decides to buy. The higher the quality of the photo, the better the promotion of the product in online stores. Therefore, they use innovative product photography equipment ​and different photography methods.

First of all, any photographer, based on his experience and goals, chooses the right camera for the photo. Beginners or those who do not need a widescreen extension can choose any smartphone. All phones are equipped with a good camera and will be enough for a startup. But they can start with a low aspect ratio, close to 600-900 pixels), or use mirrorless photos altogether.

Product photography equipment for professionals

The more experienced opt for cameras, which provide more functions and better control over the shooting. For example, they work with the brand Canon 5D MK III or Sony A7. Despite the fact that one camera can squeeze everything out of the frame and present a good picture, it alone is not enough and then the specialists equip the studio with other equipment for product photography. Those who are well-known in their field always purchase lenses along with the camera. Basically, they take macro lenses with a focal length of 100 mm for a full-frame camera.

Next, it’s important to get a tripod to help you capture the shot. This makes it easier for photographers because it helps to reduce blur and minimize the percentage of grain in low ISO photos. Having a tripod, you switch more attention to the frame, and not to your own strengths and capabilities.

Lighting can and should be added to the product photography equipment list. Product photography lighting equipment also plays a key role.

  • The frame, first of all, is not darkened and the object can be viewed.
  •  Beginners rely on daylight sun illumination and this works just as well for outdoor photography.
  • The downside is that the photo can only be taken in the daytime and there is no control over where the light falls better.

Your best bet is to buy a lighting lamp that will always be close at hand to help you create a dazzling shot. By adjusting the lighting in different ways, the photographer can show the same subject from a different angle.

Photography is developing along with the rest of the world, so for online sales, it is possible to shoot with 360-degree photography. This photo can be rotated 360 degrees with a computer mouse and feel the illusion of shopping without leaving home. 360 product photography equipment makes life easier not only for the buyer, but also helps store owners in advertising, in increasing sales. The first cameras that can be offered are Insta360 or Vuze Camera. These are full-fledged 360-degree cameras that look with lenses on all four sides.