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Certified Professional Photographer in Philadelphia recognizes commercial Picture as one of the best real estate photography agencies in Philadelphia. We are proud of the work we have done, and we always work hard for our clients to provide the best results. Commercial Picture is also a certified real estate photography studio by Zillow®.

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HDR Real Estate Photography

Attract more buyers to your residential or commercial real estate listings. Book certified real estate photographer in Philadelphia to attract more buyers.

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3D Virtual Real Estate Tours

Order Matterport® virtual 3D tour to professionally showcase your residential or commercial real estate property in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

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HDR Drone Photography

Book now residential and commercial aerial photography and video services in Philadelphia and Bucks County. Our pilots are FAA licensed and insured.

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Next Level Photos & Videos for Realtors

Professional Real Estate Photography Sells Homes 35% Faster

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – especially when it comes to the oversaturated real estate marketplace. Within seconds, potential buyers decide whether or not your listing appeals to them. And how do 99% of these clients make this decision? By looking at your photographs. This is why it’s more important than ever that your listing’s photos stand out from the competition, immediately grab buyers’ attention, and compel them to reach out.

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We are proud to be
Zillow® Certified Real Estate Photography Studio

We are proud to be a Zillow® certified photography studio. Let us help your listing make the best first impression with our stunning photography and videography services, delivered in premium HDR quality, for residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

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Best Real Estate Photographers in Philadelphia

Certified professional photographer

The modern photography industry offers multitudinous services that are popular with customers. Judging from it, the amount of specialists is aggrandizing intensively. This process affects the increasing competition and strengthening professional skills requirements. Therefore a significant number of photographers look for various ways to prove their competence. Certification is an excellent solution to such an issue. A striking example is certified professional photographers who work in our photography studios in Philadelphia. The certificate is useful for all specialists, whether you take pictures of nature, buildings, or weddings and engagements.

What is certification?

Certification is a procedure to confirm the professionalism of an expert by testing his craftsmanship. It includes both theoretical and practical skills. There are some benchmarks:

  • first taking the exam;
  • then sending examples of your work for evaluation;
  • finally obtaining a certificate if you passed all stages successfully.

This document identifies you as a professional photographer. Only a real specialist who has an attitude towards his job can gain a certificate. An expert shows his authentic knowledge and skills in the process of verification.

A Commercial Picture agency understands the value of certification. All our experts are professional photographers CPP. That is why we are one of the best photography studios in Philadelphia. We receive only positive feedback from the clients. And you can use the services of Philadelphia photographers to see for yourself.

Why it is so important

When people find a photographer, they look at some criteria: availability of professional equipment, quality made portfolio, character traits of a photographer, experience, prices and specialization, methods of photo processing. They make decisions thoughtfully reviewing the number of candidates. After all, the clients want to capture momentous events in their lives.

The certificate demonstrates the competency of a specialist. This document is valid for three years. Then an expert needs to recertify. Such a system eliminates possible loss or absence of skills in the presence of a certificate.

The certificate protects clients from scammers. Nowadays, the amount of deceivers who make money utilizing cheating is accruing. They can take a deposit and not show up for a photoshoot or capture low-quality images. In connection with it, a certificate helps to inspire confidence because only a real specialist obtains this paper. The document confirms the legality of the activity and indicates which services the photographer offers.

The certificate provides an opportunity for career development. A certified specialist can take part in tender competitions financed by enterprises or the state. It also gives a chance to sign a contract with a well-known agency as Commercial Picture. Our Philadelphia photography studio employs qualified staff. Therefore you will collaborate with experienced Philadelphia photographers.

A certified professional photographer becomes more competitive in the labor market and attractive for the clients. The certificate simplifies the system of cooperation and builds loyal relationships between customers and executors. Visit our Philadelphia photography studio and make sure the certification matters. 

Interested in certified professional photographer?

Commercial Picture is one of the best photography studios in Philadelphia. We provide professional photography and video tours for personal realtors and agencies. Give us a call 215-595-4355 or fill out the request form to hire a certified professional photographer in Philadelphia.

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